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Found 1 result

  1. I am refinishing a 1964 22' CC Cavalier Dory inside and out. I am looking for a small, rectangular or square sander that can aggressively remove the remains of very hard paint and epoxy. I have used a heat gun to remove all of the top layers but the original CC primer on the inside is hard as granite and none of my sanders are very efficient at removing it - even with 40 grit paper. I find that a hand held wood block with 40 grit glued to it will cut through it rather quickly at the expense of my arms and a lot of sweat. It is a lead containing paint so I am suited up, full respirator, boat in a sealed & ventilated/filtered plastic tent, HEPA vacs, etc. I purchased a Festool RTS-400 random orbit sander which is a nice tool but even with 40 grit the oscillations are not big enough to allow the paper to cut efficiently. I can't easily use a disc sander due to the many inside corners and small areas to sand and a disc sander will case too much damage. Short of a mini belt sander, is there a small, powerful, rectangular sander out there with a large oscillating pattern that will drive 40 grit to remove very hard paint?