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Found 1 result

  1. I'm restoring and modifying a 1973 Glastron, it is almost complete. The problem I'm running into now that it is almost compete is PINHOLES, lots of them. The paint job looked pretty good at first, then the nightmare began. In the process of modifying the boat I had to grind off the gelcoat in quite a few places. This left raw fiberglass showing with a zillion little pinholes. I thought I had them all fixed until I painted it. Every pinhole of course created a tiny bubble. (Have you heard this before?) I have read about the “pinhole dance” and I don't want to do it. Searching the 'net got the answer of coating them with epoxy thickened with cabosil. This seems counter-intuitive, it seems the epoxy would need to be thin to flow into the pinholes. What is the best way to seal the pinholes? Epoxy or primer, thick or thin or is there a better method? TIA