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Found 2 results

  1. I have a wooden, 14' row boat that has been stripped of all it's old paint, and sanded. I coated the whole inside of the hull with Totalboat Penetrating epoxy, and on the outside of the hull I covered with West Epoxy and fiberglass. Now I'm ready to start applying primer paint to both inside and outside. I want to make sure that the wood hull is completely protected from water, and the paint is tough enough, so that's why I was thinking to use epoxy primer. I was thinking to use Interlux Epoxy Primekote to cover the inside, and Interlux 2000-E Epoxy primer for the outside of the hull. What is the main difference between these two epoxy primers? Could I use the TotalBoat Epoxy primer for all surfaces inside and outside? Is this overkill, and too much epoxy paint, or could I just use regular topside primer instead of the epoxy? I have washed off any amine-blush, and sanded smooth all surfaces. After the primer I plan to use either Brightside Poly paint or WetEdge poly paint, but I'm unsure if either of these topside polyurethene paints are compatible with the epoxy primer? Would you recommend a 2-part poly finish paint, or just single part poly?
  2. First question: Can the Interlux Epoxy PrimeKote be used over System 3 Clear Coat? I am restoring a 1964 22' CC Cavalier Dory with lapstrake sides. The inside of the plywood lapstrakes have been stripped with a heat gun and scraper and sanded but there is a lot of deep checks in the surfaces and a lot of "splinters" on the top corners. The area at the bow under the front deck that has been hidden and untouched for 50 years is also a bit "soft" on the surface and could use a penetrating epoxy to toughen it up. I like the idea of using the thinner, penetrating Clear Coat to get as deep into the wood as possible. I also like that the Clear Coat is "non blushing" and the recoat window allows me to put one or more coats a day without sanding in between to get a good build. Second question: Should I not bother using both products? Will one or the other suffice? If I used 3 or 4 coats of the Clear Coat then after full cure and sanding go with the top coat (skip the PrimeKote), will this work? Is the S3 Clear Coat a good primer for most top coats. Not sure which top coat I'll use - recommendations welcome. Was thinking the Interlux Perfection with a gloss reducer on the inside. Or, alternatively, I could just use 3 or 4 coats of the PrimeKote, sand after full cure and then top coat. Would the PrimeKote give me the deep penetration into the very dry and checked plywood I am hoping for? With either one, I am planning on multiple coats within the allowed recoat window without sanding between coats to get a high build. If both products will give me equivalent results, I would prefer to use the easier, less toxic/odorous S3 Clear Coat. Thanks