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Battery Charger Size

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That will depend on the amp hour rating of the battery you are charging, on average choose 20% of the battery Amp hours for example a 100 ah battery would be a 20 amp charger.  The higher the amp charger the quicker it will charge a battery, however fast charging a battery can limit battery life.  A slow charge is best and 20% of amp hour rating seems to be a safe rate of charge.


 The general rule of thumb is C/5, or 
Capacity (in amp-hours) divided by 5. So an 80-amp charger is the 
right size for a 400Ah battery bank (400/5=80). When rounding is 
necessary, always round down because your battery bank will 
degrade over time and your C/5 rule will eventually meet.
Here is a good reference for battery charging:

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