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Bung or Fill C-Sunk Screw Holes in CC Cavalier Lapstrake Sides?

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What is the best material for filling holes over fasteners in lapstrake sides. This is a 1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Dory which I am restoring. I refastened all the plywood to the frames using #10 x 2" silicone-bronze screws to replace the original #8 x 1-1/2 which were all loose and would not hold (many of them the heads crumbled and had to be removed with an easy-out).


Most of the screw holes had been filled with what looks to be white marine-tex polyester filler at a prior repaint. I doubt it is original. All of this white, hard filler had telegraphed and were actually proud of the surface aprox .005". The boat has been in a dry indoor storage for 8 years. Other filler I found under the paint was a tan color and just crumbled under pressure. I suspect it was the original CC filler material.


I would like to fill with a material that won't telegraph over time and also last a few decades or more. I could also use mahogany bungs but the bung thickness would only be 1/8 to 3/16" for most as the screws are not deeply countersunk into the 1/2" "armor plated (looks like dense paper) plywood.


I have been told Famowood is a good filler. Also that an epoxy filler can be mixed up with the right materials. Or bungs which would be epoxied in place.


The boat will spend very little time in the water (trailered) and stored indoors in a heated garage - if this makes a difference.



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Bungs epoxied in would be the best method however 1/8" isn't much to hold it in.  Given that, you could mix some wood flour with epoxy to a paste consistency and fill the holes a little proud, then sand down smooth and even.

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