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I have removed the last 30 years of bottom paint to only be left with billions of cracks , what do I do to assure they will not return and be gone forever , then what do I use as product . The entire bottom was sanded with 60 grit . the hull above boot strap was sanded with 80 grit .  Please keep it simple and lets just get the best job without 300 answers. I get confused easy . 







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Since it is already sanded, wipe with a dewaxing solvent like Aquagard 180 Wash/De-Waxer on a rag, then wipe with a dry clean rag to remove any left over wax in the gel coat and sanding dust.  Roll on 3 to 5 coats of an epoxy barrier coat like Interlux 2000E or our Totalboat Total Protect.  I'd recommend 5 coats on the bottom and 3 on the topside.  Follow the instructions on the can carefully and when the last coat is thumb tacky, apply the first coat of bottom paint.  Same for the topside apply the first coat of topside paint like Totalboat Wet Edge single part polyurethane.  

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