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   i will be painting my 13 boston whaler with wetedge paint in whaler blue. i will be using 2 coats of 2 part epoxy primer. i am going to roll and tip, how much paint will i need, and what type and how much thinner should i use???


 thanks for your help


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For the inside 2 quarts of Wet Edge Boston Whaler Blue should be enough for two coats.  You will want to thin that with 5 to 10% of TotalBoat Thinner 100 and use a 4" foam roller on the flat areas, and brush the corner areas.  Apply this paint in a THIN coat and will will lay down well without tipping, don't load the roller real heavy with paint and work the roller lightly over the surface so as not to introduce bubbles in the paint and stretch the paint out to a thin even coating.  Let dry, sand lightly with 220 grit and apply another coat. 

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