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Diesel Engine water temperature gauge problem

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Using an infrared  thermometer pointed to engine block right next to sender i read 171 degrees.   What would be a good estimate for the difference between the block temperature and the adjacent coolant?  

My water temperature gauge is reading high and seems to be dependent on the input voltage.  If I provide an independent battery  (12.15 volts)  with the battery ground tied in to the engine block ground the gauge reads 185.  If i use the ships electrical system with alternator running (14.46 volts)  I read 200 degrees . This happens with 3 different gauges.  If the gauges are used on the generator system they all read correctly.    This all happened after a 3 month boatyard haul out.  Also when the voltage is read from sender post to ground post on the instrument I read 4.68 volts.  When I take thee same voltage reading on my generator water temperature gauge I get the same reading, but the gauge is reading 280 degrees.

Any ideas?



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