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Transducer spacer painting and mounting

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Attached is a picture of the transducer for my depth sounder and a wood spacer I made to make it vertical.

Some questions:

What should I paint the wood spacer with?

What adhesive should I use to fasten the spacer to the transducer? To the bottom of the hull?

Lastly, I plan to bottom paint the boat.  I am new to all of this and need to know how to remove the old bottom paint, what paint to use and what instructions to follow to apply the new bottom paint.

Just purchased a 26' Tollycraft Sedan.  Very excited to get this in the water! Lots of work to do!

Thank you for your time.


Transducer and Spacer.jpg

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I'd recommend coating the wood spacer with Totalboat Clear Penetrating Epoxy.  Thin the first coat 25% with acetone, the second straight.   Use a caulking like Sikaflex 291 or 3M 4200 or Totalboat Total Seal.

Totalboat Total Strip paint remover works well to remove bottom paint.  If you are going down to bare fiberglass/gelcoat, it's a good time to apply a barrier coat like Totalboat Total Protect, 4 to 5 coats, then 2 coats of bottom paint.

Not enough information to suggest a bottom paint.  You can look at our bottom paint survey to see what works in your area.



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