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I'm refurbishing a fiberglass tri-hull that will be trailered a lot. My original plan was to paint above and below the waterline using perfection as it doesn't spend more then 24 hours in the water at a time. It does however sit on carpeted bunks a lot, so I was thinking of substituting  VC performance Epoxy on the underside to protect against the wet carpeted bunks. Then go with profection above that. 

My questions are...

1. What would be a good paint scheme for both products?

2. Do I need to put anything over the VC Performance?

3. How do I or should I factor in blister protection/ prevention, like Interprotect 2000e

Thanks for any guidance!!

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Prime first with Interlux Epoxy Primekote to the hull including the bottom.  Apply Perfection to the area above the waterline.  Apply VC Performance to the area below the waterline.  You said the boat is not going to stay in the water more than 24 hours at a time so you shouldn't need Interlux 2000E barrier coat.


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