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I am varnishing a refurbished three piece teak cockpit table.  I am now on my seventh coat of Totalboat Lust varnish and cannot get a coat without bubbles. I sand it down with 400 grit between coats.  I have tried foam, china and badger brushes.  I have let it cure for several days between coats.  I have thinned up to 20%.  I am pushing the lower 45 degree working temperature on occasion. Can anyone HELP?



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I would try applying another coat when the temperature is warmer, 45 degrees is really pushing the limit.  Be sure to strain the varnish and put in a separate clean container.  The do recommend thinning the Lust Varnish so it will flow better, thinning with the Totalboat Thinner 100.  Be sure it is in a dust free area for the best results.


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