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I'm looking to build a small sailing/rowing dinghy using a sold FG layup over a male mold. The design (an 11' Wittholz) calls for cold molding, but I would rather build with FG vs. the fitting, stapling, etc. with the cold molding technique. I don't have a specific layup schedule so I'm trying to determine the best materials (biaxial cloth, what weight, etc.) to use with epoxy. I understand that the FG boat will be heavier, but maybe I can minimize that increase with the selection of the right materials. Any input appreciated


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You could use 10 oz fiberglass cloth over the male plug to build up layers to about 3/16 to 1/4" thickness.  Biaxial would be good but will not conform to tight radius around the keel and transom.  After separation from the mold, I'd recommend some type of stringer and frames to provide more strength.


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